Wiz Khalifa

Weed Brownies

Wiz Khalifa

Weed Brownies testo

[Wiz Khalifa:]
Is this the top?
The top of the world?
Top floor?
There’s weed in the ashtray
It’s top-shelf

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Riding in my Challenger
Faded off this weed brownie
Turning down the music cause the weed is loud enough already
Niggas ask about my pay
I say I keep it steady
Gripping on the wheel
Spending money like a politician
Tipping on a bill, it’s going down
Like this bitch was sitting on the hill
I keep my girlfriend in them expensive sort of heels
Furs and shit
Eat champagne and lobster cause I fucking deserve this shit
Niggas say I’ve got an old soul
Well, I tell them that I’m here motherfucka
And I made it cause my flow cold
I’m a roll some of this weed, I’m a pass it to you
Then we gon be so gone
Homie, I got papers and vaporizers
Flavors to stabilize ya
Thoroughly baked cake
Can’t say a thing and my eyes shut

They say they do (they do, they do…)
But they don’t know (don’t know, don’t know…)
Who we are (who we are, who we are…)

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
I’m outta here, stratosphere
Paper hella straight, nappy hair
Bitches seen that the kid that you was even there
When we pulled up, lit like Times Square
When we pulled up, lit like road flares
When we pulled off, them hoes disappeared
Because they know what we be doing over here
She just wanna be high in her underwear
With her iPhone plugged in the wall, power loss
Stepping out the shower
Threw her a shirt to towel off with
Of the two, one of the qualities I want in a bitch
Cause baby girl, fuckin with me is some major shit
Failed warning, I gotta wake up to a BJ every morning
And a J while I’m yawning
Darling, I got papers and vaporizers
Flavours to stablize ya
I’m a fully baked potato
Spending my cheddar and chives


[Verse 3: Big Sean]
Uh, I got rich nigga blood nigga
Boi, boi
I’m dedicated, hella-faded
High as hell, I’m levitating
I’m rolling up, fuck a wheelchair
Ironically, my shit’s medicated
Your eyes closed cause you sleep
My eyes closed cause I’m meditating
I gotta go make reservations
At a real nigga destination
Two girls in the tub, that’s luxury
You disagree? That’s f-ckery!
Saying “fuck you” cause you can’t fuck with me
I need my dick sucked, but I’m sucka-free
You are who it sucks to be
I’m a company, buy “Finally Famous” over everything
That’s my company
You already know, nigga
Collect the money like it’s old, nigga
And I’m a blow it like it’s rolled, nigga
And I be stuntin’ til I’m old, nigga
Weed, money and hoes: what a hell of a night!
Fuck you mean? This is everyday life
She in the mirror making sure that she wearing it right
It’s apparent she present, where I’m appearing tonight!

Ascolta Weed Brownies - Wiz Khalifa