Wiz Khalifa

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor

Wiz Khalifa

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor testo


it’s young khalifa man
i know i say that before every song but that’s
that’s really actually who the fuck i am, so


[verse 1]

damn it feels good to be a taylor
to rock camo shorts, chuck tees and smoke papers
weed coming in all flavors
fall up in the spot as long as the champagne’s there
couple pretty hoes, i don’t know their name here
smell the weed, see 2 fingers, know my gang near
yeah you ballin but they ain’t cheerin
i guess they tired of rootin for the same players
real niggas run up on me at my shows
hoes show me love, promoters give me plane fare
somewhere at the top and plan on stayin there
mouth full of kush, ridin in my favorite pair
and this is for anyone who seen a nigga feelin from the beginning
realize that you made it clear
laugh now, fly later
damn it feels good to be a taylor

and that’s what it is, man
taylor gang or die
damn it feels good to be a taylor (taylor)
some of yall just catchin on, it’s all good you know
i fucks wit all my taylors
taylor gang worldwide
you know i had to do somethin just strictly for the fans
workin on my album right now
yall made kush and orange juice go thru the roof
i’m smokin some sour too
really good sour

[hook, repeat once]
i’m smokin one, got another one, roll
seein tickets to every show, so
they was asleep til we let em know
reppin taylor gang everywhere we go, oh

so roll up, you know
do what we do
keep it taylor man
it’s 2010, this year’s almost over so
next year we just gon be doin the same shit
but on like a higher level
and that was a weed joke
let’s go
germ i see you yeah you thought i was gon
end the song w/o saying what’s up with germ
that nigga taylor gay
what up bill
all my twitter followers man, straight up
errbody hit me up on youtube
download my mixtapes on datpiff.com
all the blogs that fuck w ya man