Wiz Khalifa

Cabin Fever

Wiz Khalifa


Cabin Fever - Mixtape (2011)

Cabin Fever testo

You niggas know it’s the gang or kill yourself right?
Red hat black chucks black 501′s on
That’s your baby momma but her numbers in my iphone
Yea I got a girl but I swear I need a newer bitch
Let her out the house and I’ll be leaving here with your bitch
I’m flyin in a different city every night
Got everything I ever wanted so this can’t be life
Breaking down the weed I’m bout to make a plane
A hundred niggas with me all reppin taylor gang

Yeaaahahhhh bitch
Lot of niggas fake but me I’m these hoes fate
Feed her alcohol and leave that bitch with no taste
Out of this world need my own space
Back seat and I’m a ride until the chrome break
Big heat will turn your body to a cold case
She don’t even make it rain she just throw me face
Got some niggas quick to bang like they major pain
Told there mom I rep the gang she just say the same

Yeaaaaahhhhh bitch

If you see em point em out
If you see em point em out

There’s a bad bitch in here
If you see her point her out

There’s a bad bitch in here
If you see her point her out

Yeeeaaahh yupp

You show up to concerts looking like a fan
I pull up in car service looking like the man
Hella reefer smoke a lot of pictures being taken
My bitch from Atlanta my weed is Jamaican
I don’t talk much too many niggas hatin
Bout a booty that’s my conversation
I dropped a little change on these hater frames
Took her car keys and let her played the way
Yeaaah… bitch