Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa

23 testo

Feat. Miley Cyrus

I’m in the club high on Perc with some shades on
Tank up, mini skirt with some J’s on
I be in the club standing on the couch
In the wolf greys like it’s my house
(I’m home!)

Breakin’ out the bottle
I got no respect
Actin’ like a model who just got a check
I back it up
Because I don’t give a f—
If you’re lame that’s a shame
You can’t hang with us
I’m M.C. Hammer fly
You can’t touch

J’s so fly
I should work at Flight Club
Put on my J’s
Dance the whole night away
I’m Naughty By Nature
Like I’m hip-hop hooray
Hangs in the sky
I wave ‘em from side to side
Feet on the floor
I’m ‘bout to turn up now.

Ascolta 23 - Wiz Khalifa