Wiz Khalifa

Smokin Good

Wiz Khalifa

Smokin Good testo

I’m a cigarello fiend smokin weed like its oxygen
Roll a lot skunk, need some blunts, get two boxes in
Goin to pull my stash, out rollin out this half ounce
Puff pass, nigga I puff grass till I pass out

Rpt. 2X

Half ounce what I got to smoke up in some days
Yeah I choke up and get blazed
Eyes closed up and get glazed
I’ll blow some in your face
But you aint hitting nothin
If Im in here I gotta smoke somethin nigga

Crack a swishy if I’m rollin up that good
And we roll it by the O, yeah I know you wish you could
Ain’t nothin funny gettin money like I should
Anywhere I go niggas know I smokin good

I’m smokin good
Rpt 7X

Niggas know about what young Khalifa into
Love to smoke out, a lot of reefer in him
Get you skunked out, you know I’m street official
When boys gotta problem, you should keep your issue
I’m from Pistolvania, where them heaters hit you
Out in California, where the weed official
And you could tell that I’m a boss
Don’t really gotta tell you that I’m smokin good, you smell it through the wall



Ascolta Smokin Good - Wiz Khalifa