The Story Of 2


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Baby I’m thinking about just what I wanna do,
just what I wanna do
I don`t care if I’m wrong think I’m in love with you,thik I’m in love with you
All of my friens say that I’m moving to soon,I don’t care what they say I want to give my self to you
Dream maker make my dreams come true tonight if I close my eyes will you hold my tight all night
Dream maker heres what I wanna gon’ do tonight
We gon’ make sweet love til the morning light,yeah yeah
I want you to have me all to yourself
I got to be with you,be with you
I don’t want no one else
You given me everything, I coulnd’t ask for more I need to be withyou,with you, I just can’t go on

Ascolta The Story Of 2 - Ashanti