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Ashanti – No One Does It Better[Hook: Ashanti]Na na na na na la la la laNa na na na na la la la laNa na na na na la la la laNo one does it like Murder Inc.Na na na na na la la la laNa na na na na la la la laNa na na na na la la la laBaby, no one does it like Murder Inc.[Charli Baltimore]Ain’t none better, repeat the lettersMurder I-N-C fucka, we go together, LordWhen you see the pink hair the Inc. hereFuck – we can do it mixtape or dubbedAnd by the underground bastards, appeal to the massesStyle like Jackie on asses, come through with Jackie on glassesProtectin yo asses, 7 inch classes, FUCK ya’ll bastardsG – catch a wiff of the murderous bitch, the murderous cliqueLike you never heard of the GFrom the muscle like crime life like corner hustlersAnd the, tunner winter shit, tell me I ain’t a winner??, Got my mind on my money and my money in my pocketWho the fuck gon’ stop it, time for the honey is upSo dummy it up, who the FUCK gon’ knock itNow that The Inc. locked it, Chuck[Hook][Charli Baltimore]We got vision by I.G. – hook by AshantiGot Chuck spittin, where the fuck ya’ll fit inThose without my name recognitionC.B. – bitch of the commision, still play my positionOh, won’t settle, put the foot to the pedalAnd knee short Staletto’s, the chick is still ghettoHold the bitch down, but not on herI’m rissen, mind driven like hundred mile commisionsHow I’m spittin, niggaz is rewritin, and I’m just bullshittinGon’ know when I’m hittin (uh)Wrists start slittin, I’m killin ‘em softA Predator, Slow Burn and I’m killin ‘em offNow, back to back let’s pace it, 5 stepsWho wanna test the streets is on a record187 mami, click behind me, ya’ll know what the sellin beKill ‘em with the melody, Chuck[Hook][Charli Baltimore]Now who that baige bitch poppin that shit like she cocky eyedInc. mami, bitch know how to find meOut ‘til the late night, studio trouble makerAss don’t know how to take a (Murderous) love the haterFlows liek an elevator, ‘cause each level I’m up, I get offFucker, who wanna cross the lineIt’s real thin with a pad and a penAnd I spit 10 and throw ya’ll 6 for the winAgain – ya’ll heard me, niggaz thought but the chicks all girlyBody all curvy, FUCK how the world beI’m mobbin’ on the top of ya’llI-N-C and C.B. cock-blockin’ ya’ll, Chuck[Hook]______________________________

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