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Fight testo

Ashanti: I think we need to talk.
Irv gotti: oh here we go again. what we need to talk about.
Ashanti: we need to talk about what?s going on. I don?t think I can
Just forgive and forget all the shit you?ve been doing.
Irv gotti: you know what i, I?ve been thinking too. you know what
I been thinking.
Ashanti: what (sarcasticly)
Irv gotti: I?ve been thinkin that the person I got with ain?t standin in
Front of me right now. I mean you done gone and made a whole flip
And change on a nigga.
Ashanti: you know what, I?m not the same. how do you expect me
To be the same I?m not the same why because of the shit
You?ve been doin.
Irv gotti: so what the f**k you sayin.
Ashanti: uh what am I sayin.
Irv gotti: yeah what the f**k you sayin!
Ashanti: I?m sayin… it?s over.

Ascolta Fight - Ashanti