Justify My Love


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Justify My Love testo

I wanna kiss you in ParisI wanna hold your hands in RomeI wanna run like a rainstormMake love on the trainCross-countryYou put this in meSo now what?So now what?Wantin’ needin’Waitin’ for youTo justify my loveHopin prayin for youTo justify my loveI wanna know youNot like thatI don’t wannaBe your motherAnd I don’t wannaBe your sister eitherI just wanna be your loverI wanna be your babyKiss me, that’s rightKiss me, meWantin’ needin’Waitin’ for youTo justify my loveYearnin’ burnin’ for youTo justify my loveWhat are you gonna doTalk to meTell me your dreamsAm I in them?Tell me your fearsAre you scared?Tell me your storiesI’m not afraid ofWho you areMake you flyPour us DemeirThe pleasure’s dependOn the permission of anotherLove me, that’s right, love meI wanna be your babyWantin’ needin’Waitin’ for youTo justify my loveI’m open I’m ready for youTo justify my loveI’m waitin’ to justifyWantin’ to justify my loveWaitin’ to justifyI’m open(Murder, murder, murder)

Ascolta Justify My Love - Ashanti