Altre Canzoni cover

Free-Dumb testo

Must be inbred, enough said
Because war ain’t about who’s right, it’s about who’s left
So stop the death
Generalize, through hollow eyes
Learn how to live before you are taught to die

Freedom isn’t free, this is true
Who’d lie to you? (The government would)
Why do they have to pay with their lives?
They owe no debt, you watch them bleed
I thought we were already free

Must be shot dead
Right through the head
Before anymore lives are misled
And re-define what justice means
And re-evaluate statistics, so simplistic
That they used to mask stupidity and reason

It is alright to dissent
When the law doesn’t make sense
Irrationality seems to be…

The foundation that we built off
All of our values, disappearing
Right beneath our feet
Now we have to live with
We have to live with
We have to live with

No morals
Without our

The right to speak but no one listens
What’s the point of our traditions?
And we still have that fucking president