Altre Canzoni cover

Ambivalism testo

I can’t see why angels make things seem like a dream
That’s just life, adapt, or be snapped

To follow the status quo
There’s no room for cynical
Catholics who claim the right
Mindset that God’s worth the fight

When in actuality
The war’s begun fictitiously
Nihilists who draw the line
When is there time to stop and think?

(Stop and Think) About the passages they forced into our minds
(Stop and Think) About the narcoleptic reoccurring nights
(Stop and Think) Without a doubt about the morals of us all
(Stop and Think) And when they stall, be sure to watch them fall

Youth groups across the nation
Are facing dislocation
Most hate it, debate it
Go ahead and try

I understand just what I say
You may not agree
But it’s what I believe
There’s nothing left to find
Disciples are benign
Where is the faith?