American Burners


Altre Canzoni cover

American Burners testo

Disembark straight out of my mind
No one can save me this time
Loss of hope, Lack of wealth
And everything else that coincides with it
Who’s to say I’m putting time to waste?
Who’s to fear what they have to face?
Out of sight, Into crime
A nation with inflation and a lack of education

Unionize all the lives
Of the ones who never try (tried)
To do anything but watch
The people die, so deprived
Without laws or natural rights
To keep them free from all the wrongs

Justify the statements that they say
When they quote the martyrs of today
?We are right, You are wrong!?
And it’s too late no one can save us all
From this plague we call marketing
Money’s made, others are forging
Dollar bills, Autographs
They’re even selling scuba suits for Siamese cats

The right to vote; Democracy
Disown the youth from Anarchy
You know what’s right
We know you’re wrong
And all we’re asking for is this…
(we wanted was to…)