The Seesaw



Upon The Bridge (2006)

The Seesaw testo

If we don’t… lead them tonight, out of the shadows Jah
Want them to see them have got nothing but Dread
Want them to know that them have nothing at all
So free, so long…they call to me
Stories over…they’ve rescued me
From the seesaw dread
From the sight of the darkness
From the seesaw dread
From inside of me

New wave upon them. upon he that try
?No bridges for me!? upon he that try
And their accomplice? ….Mount Jacob cries
No bridges for they…Mount David cry

Weeping for justice! Guidance and love!
Tell them of Moses! Suffer no one a go

Man haffe live, high, live, man could if a him goal, man could if a him
Live, high, live, man could if a him goal, man could if a him

(Vocal improve – BIG)

Rally site of Mars ships in darkness
Site them truth right in front of their kids
Your bound to see a world filled of hatred…and miss,
Man the point of things…(know your wrong)
Oh the point is that, their money cover all of it
In search of life, you can see their money conquer all of it

See them sparks blazing in the nighttime
See them buying prospects in the moon
See them dancing upon them silver spoons yeah
See them who pay hardships upon him Lord
See them brighter than the morning star

Ascolta The Seesaw - Groundation