The Road



TwentyFourSeven (2008)

The Road testo

The roadmap to freedom
Translates as a fake
Handshakes and mistakes
Turned into heartaches
When losers have lost
All their give and their take
And check a mistake turn to heartache

Five hundred thousand forced to flee
A million square miles of emergency
Another two million will go hungry
When there’s no guarantee for the refugee

The road from Darfur
Runs red with denial
Waterless mile
After waterless mile
Barefooted fear
Kicks the dust of exile
Waterless mile
After waterless mile


The road out of Gaza
As plagued with lost souls
Buried in holes
By the border patrols
What claims we’ve give them
They cannot control
Drown in the holes
In their land of lost souls

Ascolta The Road - UB40