Middle Of The Night



TwentyFourSeven (2008)

Middle Of The Night testo

It came out of the darkness
In the middle of the night
A black and winding serpent
With flashing crimson eyes
The camera lights the innocent
Their faces frozen in time
With fearful expectation of
Where next the beast will strike

It rumbled through the neighbourhood
With fiercely twinkling eyes
And waited at the doorway
For his tail to arrive

Its head came through the window
Its body through the door
And it pulled itself together
As it ran across the floor

And before our eyes, the fireflies
Were dancing round his head
We watched in screaming silence
As he was stolen from his bed

Suddenly, it’s over
And not a word was said
Now no-one knows if he’s alive or if he’s dead

Ascolta Middle Of The Night - UB40