She Bad Bad


She Bad Bad testo

I dragged you when I dubbed you to get you here
Should have mugged you, but I hugged you to keep you dear
And I love you, but I bug you, and I know that’s clear
If I could own you, own you, said a boy shouldn’t be alone
If I could clone you, clone you, then we both wouldn’t be alone

I’ll shine your shoes, I’ll make your bed
I only want to have a friend
You’re the only living witness to these things I’ve done
And things I said
And I want you bad
Well I want you bad
I don’t know how to keep you, how to keep you here
I fed you, and I begged you, and I bet you’d change
Obsession is the message I’m sending dear
If I could show you, show you, just how much I really care
If I could know you, know you, but alas, I wouldn’t dare

I paid my dues, I paid my rent
I know it’s strange, I’m a little bent
I cry so hard, I try so hard
I only want you, want you so
And I want you bad
Hey, I want you bad
Oh, and I want you bad

Oh, but I want you bad
Well, I want you bad
Hey, and I want you bad

Ascolta She Bad Bad - Eve