Dub fx


Dub fx

Altre Canzoni cover

NOT COOL testo

Now, let me begin but letting you in
I’ve got a way about getting up and doing my thing
See i could never front and act like something I’m not
Talking about cribs and cars that i haven’t really got
But i can tell you this I’m gonad change your mind
From my persuasive energy that i project through the rhyme
See, it’s all about doing what ya need to do
To get where ya wanna go
And be who ya wanna be
But don’t relax; it won’t come to you,
Cos theirs a million other cats out competing with you
But not doin it the same way
Ya see, seeing the world through different eyes is your gateway
A special gift from your consciousness an individual-ness
For you to rock to this
A little kiss from an emptiness for you to bop to this for you to jump to this
I’m not cool i just pretend I am
I’m not a fool but yet I say I am
I’m old school cos i know I am
Rocking the mike every night
In my jimmy jams

so let me pursue and give much respect to
The rhyme in my mind that i find for you
I let it All hang out I got my heart my sleeve
I let the clock count down like it was New Years Eve
It don’t affect me, cos i play my game
I got my own set of rules and its nothing strange
I’m just a humble soul on the side of the street
Making my own tunes with my voice and my feet
Ye I’m living day by day
Like a nomad stumbling on out of his cave
i celebrate the sun i live my life for the earth
i let the rain come down on my endless search
i never quit, I’m planting seed by seed
I’m evolutionising to try and save my breed
I’m just a cog in the machine
A part of the process, im here to express
That we need some progress
I’m not cool…

And now I’m changing my point of view
Everything i know and everything i knew
It’s all about to change we’re in a new age
It’s golden and pure and true
Me don’t listen to the words they say
One too many lies in the media today
I focus on my mind i focus on my health
I try to stay true to my self

Now let me begin by letting you in
As you know I’m about to rip it up again
I aint hard to please I’m not the type to fight
But if you lie to my face then you aint so bright
See I, I’m an out and about sort
You may have seen me on public transport
I’m famous, for pulling my pants down
And doing all the silly things that make you frown
But you can giggle with me
It aint a riddle you see
I’m just making fun of life with the perspective of a tree
so you can speed on up accelerate or overtake me
but feel free to come up and take a leaf

im not cool