Dub fx


Dub fx

Altre Canzoni cover


My intentions have never been bad
I try to make others celebrate
I forgot the times i was ever sad
But mainly the times of hate
Its funny how much can happen
But things will stay the same
Then life will turn a corner
And decisions turn up made
So I sing

The sun comes up but my head is low
I’m still in bed cos the world is cold
Everything is a daze to me so i fly into outer space
The moon above has a healthy glow
I’m flying over the streets I know
And everything that I used to see has gone
To another place
Now I can’t help but feel a sudden anger in me
Starting from my stomach and rising up within me
It’s taking over my life making me feel so dizzy
Making me look at the news as if its one big conspiracy
I see the truth an I feel the lies
But so many different views in so many different eyes
Make us paralysed, where all so hypnotized
From all the fluorides and chem. trails up in the skies
They want to dumb us down just because they’re scared of us
They know that if we band together we can rise above
They feed us lies on the telly cos so many trust
That the UN’s agenda actually cares about us
But I know better, you see it’s all about to end
A worldwide suicide fashion trend
We like to look pretty and we want to all pretend
But the truth is something nobody can comprehend

The sun come up but my head is low…