Nicki Minaj

Hard Lemonade

Nicki Minaj

Hard Lemonade testo

i’m in a tricky little mood
i trick these little dudes
i tell em that i love ‘em but
i never really do
see, i like pretty shoes and
i like pretty minks
and i like sight sein’ the pyramids and the sphinx
he cop italian pieces so i do the first pump
and i can only push it if the trunk is in the front
if the trunk is in the back, then you gotta take it back
you can hit me on the jet
i chat on the mac
see i am who i am nicky am motherfucker if she say she not a fan
she a lying motherfcuker
over shopping in paris so i speak a little french
oui oui raggedy time for you to hit then bench
indecisive so i always gotta pick two
i guess that’s why i got the yorkie and the shitzu i told fab get that michael knight kitt coupe
before i put this pussy on ya chipped tooth

jiaer lavon:
i pull up my 42’s so i call you little dudes
your woman coming single, i take my chicks in twos
and when it comes to sippin lemonade is what i choose
and when it come to trippin that’s all you really do
i don’t work at lowers but you know i keep them tools
come around my town i’ll show ya what them hammers do
and this is not a diss, this is just what i do
and all y’all nigaas false, i’m only speakin in truths
you get it? the program: get with it
i’m killing these niggas, like cancer to liver
nigga package out the liver trigger finger on the trigger
she treat me then trick ya i’m in it go figure
the way i bringin money you would think
i’m doing taxes
cause the money come in like income backwards
so i’ma go hard cause i ain’t trying to go home that’s
why i’m snappin on this beat like you just finished the poem
and i spits that crack you can just call me
jerome and i go
all out like that nigga from home alone
even though i never write, my nigga i’m never wrong
so i’ma give it up and let sean go off

big sean
first whip, garbo second whip largo
don’t worry bout my niggas they’re good, marshall
bank account got me feelin well, fargo
ballin till i get a millicheck, darko
i just give em line after line after line after…
after line after line, barcode
they lookin for my work, narco
cause i just black out in the booth, charcoal
me, don see, tonin 54 bitches
this weed finna’ blow i bet they finna’ blow nigga 2 pounds of weed don’t’ act
like you don’t know nigga
i put that green up like mistletoe nigga