John Parr

Ghost Driver

John Parr

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Ghost Driver testo

GHOST DRIVERBurnin’ up the highway, chasin’ shadows in the nightHe was on the road to freedom, passin’ everything in sightIn the middle of the fast lane, on the wrong side of the roadSlipped her into fifth, and goodbye was all she wroteGhost driver, ghost driver in the nightNever saw the warning, of the danger up aheadHe was headin’ fast to nowhere, with the needle in the redSaw a blue light in the rear view, sayin’ stop, but he said noThen he saw a strange reflection, of a man he used to knowGhost driver, ghost driver in the night(Solo)Heaven is a highway, with the Devil at the wheelThree hundred crazy horses, in black designer steelThe neon sign said fifty, not a hundred and fifty fiveBut it really didn’t matter, he was learnin’ how to driveGhost driver, ghost driver in the nightHe was a ghost driver, ghost driver in the night

Ascolta Ghost Driver - John Parr