John Parr


John Parr

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Everytime testo

EVERYTIMEYou’ll soon get over it, you’ll find somebody newYou’re better off out of it, that girl’s no good for youCry if you wanna cry, shout if you wanna shoutWhy don’t you let it out, but they don’t realiseI heard it all a million times, tried to explain, but here it comes againChorus:Everytime I hear those sad songs, makes me wanna try againAll this time and I’m still hurtin’, love will get you everytimeYou’ll find somebody new, she’s not the only oneShe left you black ‘n’ blue, you should be glad she’s goneCry if you wanna cry, shout if you wanna shoutCome on and let it out, but they don’t realiseIt’s getting harder every day, I feel the same, and here it comes again(chorus)(Solo)I stare at your photograph, times we laughed, oh the memory of youWas it all so bad, all we had left with youYou were the one, you gave me lifeWhy did you change, when I still feel the same(chorus) – everytime, everytime, it’s gonna get you everytime…

Ascolta Everytime - John Parr