Lana Del Rey

Dangerous Girl

Lana Del Rey

Dangerous Girl testo

He’s my drugstore cowboy,
Italian aloic,
Classical American.
And I’m America’s sweetheart,
Cute delicious, sweet tart,
Sipping on my diet coke,
Singin’ in the trailor-park.

He likes my jeans tight
He likes me mean, right (right)
He likes my long hair
Corset, heels high.

I’m born to kill,
Strip for success,
I’m his, sweet mess.
Do you love me? yes, yes!
Hell, yes!

Baby, I’m a forlorn fire,
And I’m what you desire,
Like a siren in the night (going neo neo)
Baby is the man on the wire,
Risking all that you’ve got,
For the love of your life (you’re my hero, hero)
Let me play a dangerous girl,
Let me be your dangerous girl.
Let me play a dangerous girl,
Let me be your dangerous girl.

He’s the get rich quick, type
Mafia’s hit tight
Girl, I’m gonna marry yeah!

I am the bad girl, next door.
Babies always want more,
Buyin’ diamond jewelry,
Take me to the jersey shore.

He like my mink white (white)
He go on all night,
We’re living off the grid
Shining in the crime light.

We were born to kill,
Best of the best
Nothing new, wild west
Let me put on that party dress
Hell, yes!


You love my baby plan, world domination
Together taking over our fair nation.

‘cause we’re born to kill
Keepin’ it fresh.
Gold chain, white mesh,
Fame is the name of the game, yes yes!