Travis Scott


Travis Scott

Cryogenic testo


Me and my bitch, I swear, we like the same sex
Fucked with all my chains on, that’s that chain sex (chain)
Plottin’ with the gang, get your fangs wet (wet)
Bankin’ with the K, gotta thang it (drop it, it’s lit)
We gon’ throw ice on, gotta swang it (ice)
Hoes in the world I cannot hang with (yah)
Woah, different colors sippin taintin’
Woah, hit the voltage, start vibratin’ (yah)

Come to playgrounds, we do not swang, sis’
Shawty got the K, don’t entertain threats
Shawty came over, she brought the same sex
Bust it down, she talkin’ body language
“Eating that poulet, got my bangs wet”
We gon’ have to change for the banquet
Solo in Mulsanne, it’s not the same specs
Pull up, left with somethin’ I ain’t came with

Woah, woah, woah, woah
Woah, woah, woah, woah

Yeah, yeah-yeah