Your World Is Over


Your World Is Over testo

Stop trying, your world is over
I think you know it you’re just so
fucking blind.
Last time, I left you naked
you tried to break me
but I stayed up didn’t I?

Inside, I gave my best performance
so that I could take you.
You never thought that I would come out alive.
You’re saying to yourself “until next time.”

When life’s in shambles
and everything seems broken
those discontemptful feelings
are so hard to blind.
Well I can’t change you,
but I might as well be honest,
These painful things divide in due time.
Hold on to what shines.

Stop trying, you’re growing older.
You’re moving slower you can’t make up your mind.
This time, you’ll never make it.
You think I’m shaking but I’m laughing so hard.

Ascolta Your World Is Over - Joshua