Yori Yori


Altre Canzoni cover

Yori Yori testo

Love love, ai mh mh mh; well well, yori yori
ai, chineke meh; am with you ma, love love
mh mh, well well; ape planet, yori yori
bracket le; am with you ma love love

Chorus 2x
Ma love love, with you everything is well well
Your love dey make my heart do yori yori
Nobody can love you the way I do
Am with you ma love love

Verse 1
Same thing, same thing way dey make me feel like say you go be my wife
Na the same thing wey been dey make others dey say I dey waste my time
Na because I dey respect you girl, spending for you every night and day
I dey pray for you, because of you I dey fly like butterfly, my love love

Na this thing make people dey say, I don lose my sense my brain
But nobody can stop me from loving you, am with you ma love love

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
You see the all the things dey flow, some surprise to see how I dey love you so
Girl I dey suspect say them no know say na you be the person we dey make me flow
Uuh I tell them say you are a blessing and that’s why you are so interesting
Nobody is understanding the way you are, oh my beautiful girl


Your love dey affect my brain and two e dey make me go insane
E go make sense if you come my place if you no hear am I go talk am again
Your love dey affect my brain, oh my love I dey go insane
Just leave am the way e be, the way it is oh my love.


Love love, iya iya, yori yori iya iya, yori Decumzy lee e e eehe
Ai chai my love love my love love uh my love love
Nobody can stop me from loving you, am with you my love.

Ascolta Yori Yori - Bracket