Edo G

Wishing (feat. Masta Ace)

Edo G

Altre Canzoni cover

Wishing (feat. Masta Ace) testo

[Masta Ace]

I wish the president would stop lyin’

Black babies stop cryin’

And young brothers stop dyin’

I wish the police would stop killin’

Politicians a stop stealin’ and actin like they not dealin’

When they know they got bricks in the street

At the country club fixin’ to eat

I can see em’ now

I wish we’d get this shit figured out

And stop goin’ the trigger route

And actin’ all niggered out

On the block with the nine cocked

I wish we’d try and stop, (what?) stop wishin’ for the prime box

I wish she wasn’t so obsessed with death

Tell me is it cuz we blessed with less?

I don’t know really

I wish the world was safer, I’m scared to travel abroad

That’s why, I travel with the Lord

I wish the cabs would stop for me in the rain

I know you wanna call me insane, I’m a dreamer.

Martin Luther King Jr. : I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream.

[Edo. G]

I wish my pops didn’t die when I was seven years old

If there’s life after death, is heaven this cold?

I wish I could wipe the tears of all the cryin’ mothers

Wish new york niggas didn’t start flyin’ colors

I wish my people stop avoiding the truth,

BET stop poisoning youth

We need changes for teenagers as they go through phases

More than just a concrete jungle the world got green acres

I wish I’d been more diligent

Smart cats rhyme militant the rest rhyme ignorant

I wish the world didn’t give us funny looks

Think we all just dummies and crooks

Athletes and entertainers singin’ hooks

We need more black babies, that’s in the books

I wish God could take away the pain

I know you wanna call me insane, I’m a dreamer.

[Edo. G]

I wish I didn’t get searched when I come through customs

I wish Christians stop beefin’ with Muslims

Wish the poor didn’t have to take welfare

Wish America had universal healthcare

Cuz there aint’ no help here, in a country where we don’t fight fair

The American dream becomes a nightmare

It’s all hype here, and on this track my soul I might bare

I wish Bush just get outta office

Before he start world war three and try to off us

It won’t cost him, but it’ll cost us

And right now, believe me you lost us.