Nicki Minaj

Who’s Ya Best Mc?

Nicki Minaj


Sucka Free (2008)

Who’s Ya Best Mc? testo

Ya kno dey say Nicki spit crazi
Get it poppin like
M 80’s or twin tre 80’s
Yunq money first lady
Ya kno
Baby qirl of dha qroup
I’m also known as
Baby qirl in dha coupe
Neva qet mi confused as
Baby qirl in dha hoop
Ckuz Nicki stai fly
Like dhat cash money do
I’m stuntin on dese hoes
Like marilyn monroe
I qot a s curl flow
I spit slick ya kno
Nd I don’t jus spit raps
Nd chit chat
Nicki could qet it in
Nicki could spit gats
Ya qirl qot hustle
Nicki could pitch crack
But Nicki rather chill
Nd stack a mill
While dese hoes
Stai in hoods like rats 4 real
Ma voice stai on dha track
Like a mac
4 real
Rotten dha baseline like
Quille o neal
Gassed ya baby father
4 dha keys 2 dha escalade
Not a baby momma
But I’m drama like kay slate
Wat can I sai
Dhatsz how ya qirl do
Ya qirl stai fresh down
2 dha cuticles
Ma people smoke dutches
We don’t fuck with bamboo
I’m a winner mommi
Ya career’s a gamble
Old ass broad
Off track
Like bow weez{? }
Nicki stai on her toes
On point like ballerines
Lemme remind u I’m qettin a tan 2
Ya caramel dream
Ya qirl from queens
Dey say I’m 2 pretti
2 b spittin 16
I should b on dha screen
Posin 4 maybelline
Or b a baby phat qirl
Kitten on ma jean
Hood star broad
Black barbie doll
Pardon mi if dha cockiness
Botherin ya’ll
I’m jus bein Nicki Minaj ya kno
Girl from around wai
Widout dha l cool j
Ma u spit koolaid
I spit acid out
Doin dis since
U was reebok classic doubt
Nd dis hoe wanna qet at nick
Cause I baqqed her baby daddy
She ain’t seen him since
Nick so gudda
Lil white tee
Nd sum air max on
Sum dolce gaban
Pretty panties on
Like wait
Till dha summer catch me
Up in dha hummer
On ma wai 2 555 front
Run with dha rucka
Nd every parlor wanna
Neva give out ma number
Onli dha email
Cherry holla
Name a qirl as real as her
No not dem
Who’s ya best MC
Nick Fox & Kim
Cnt 4 qet rem
Nick up in dha porsche
Box or dha benz