Cupid’s Allegorian Habit

Useless Ed.

Cupid’s Allegorian Habit

Altre Canzoni cover

Useless Ed. testo

destruction from your hands
ignoring all thats safe
living in a place with no walls
horific holigrams of your imagination
lost in your own fear of the future
superflulous dreams of the unknown

lost inside your head
cant find the meaning of life
knowledge of whats of whats been said
that you have knowledge of nothing…

complex equations all around
figure it out kid, its all that matters!
what what about me?
know your times tables and everything will be allright.
lead to a garunteed satisfaction that knowledge is everything.
knowledge is nothing

feel it in you
you know whats right
live your life with satisfaction
fulfil your dreams as decided
and all youll need to know is that you did it on your own
dispose of the books and watch them burn.