Big Von

To The Sky

Big Von

Altre Canzoni cover

To The Sky testo

[Verse 1:]
Guess Who Will Get ‘em
Only A Few Triggas
Bustin Off Like This
With Songs That’ll Spew Wisdom
World Premiere, We Came To Abuse
Its A Box Office Smash Hit
A Tom Cruise Picture
First Up, Fly Cars In The Two’s
Fitta You With A Used To The Down
Guess Who Get Her?
A Gigalow That The Rapboy Love
From The Place Where Da Slang
And The Rap War Come
Get A Taste Soak It Up
Take It Home And Run
Even The Ying Yang Twins Goin Dumb [Echo]
Yea Buddy Its A Trend Now
Everybody’s In Now
The Team Dont Blow, How Else We Gon’ Win Now?
Is Mo’ Dough Leavin Hatas In The Wind Now
More Franklin Faces So Its More Grids Now
Get On The Web, Write A Friend, Tell A Pen Pal
Tell Em That The Hottest Dude You Heard Has Come Down

Im On My Way To The Top See The Sky
When I Blaze In The Drop So Fly
Cant Tame Or Stop Me
Still On The Grind So You Hatas Cant Knock Me
Im On My Way To The Top See The Sky
When I Blaze In The Drop So Fly
Cant Tame Or Knock Me
Still On The Grind So You Hatas Cant Stop Me

[Verse 2:]
Caution, So You Know Im Stuntin
Its Like Coke Owe Me Money For Nothin
And I Aint Frontin, Its Fact
Catch Start More Dough Was Of Rap
Put The Whole Label Right On My Back
I Gotta Go Be Straight
Team Album Just More Cake
Hyphe Juice Is Sellin More Money My Way
Fly Caution Dot Com World Wide It Was Fake
I Own And Operate Everything On My Plate
The Champ Is Here You See The Tramps In Here
The Beat Knock About To Blow All The Anthem Here
When It Sound Like Fly Raise Yo Hands In The Air
Waitin On Me So They Can Get They Tracks Repaired
Rappers Follow The Flow Like Scope On Target
They Do
Soften Up They Tone, Man Look What I Started
Even Them Thugs Who Used To Get On They Hearts
Switch They Flow So They Can Sound Like A Caution


Thats What Im Talkin About
You Know What Im Talkin About
We Gonna To Get Shit Poppin
Its The Mixtape Man
Called The Hyphe Juice Mixtape
The Team In This Mother Fucker
With My Mother Fuckin Nigga
Our Nigga Mayn
#1 Dj In The Mother Fuckin Country
In The Mother Fuckin World
Who Started This Hyphe Movement
Big Juan
Thats My Nigga Mayn Thats My Pimpin Partna Mayn
The First Nigga To Ever Play Us On The God Damn Radio Mayn You Know What Im Talkin Bout
And We Got This Shit Goin Crazy Mayn
Album In Stores Right Now April 4th Is When The Shit Drop You Know What Im Talkin Bout
Its Good Baby Yea Clock Caution Cash Kyzer Main Man Its The Team And We Fuckin Wit It
Juan Play A Song God Damnit Lets Do It Mayn