The Years Of Decay



The Years Of Decay (1989)

The Years Of Decay testo

out on this road takes its toll
and you pay for everything you do
underlights, made me blind
this place is the same as last night
out of control takes its toll
but you learn to live with your dreams
speaking your mind to those you find
listening to what you have to say
I wouldn’t change the way
I wouldn’t stop the decay

promised the world, as your world
changed before your eyes
and the days became the weeks
and the weeks the years
and noone remembers that very first day
or how it slipped away
forever I wait, pulling in, pulling out
as the motors whine
to remind me i’m home
and i’m here to stay
as we decay
another day
decay away

i’m goin’ home, I don’t know where
i’m goin’ home, not far from here

out on this road, paint this toll
make me whole, set the stage
fill it with anger, fill it with rage
no I don’t know what’s today
I know it falls in the years of decay
self, sacrifice, everynight
and together we paid a price in blood
that spilled out through the years
and another day passes away
look to the black, drawn farther back
look to each day, see the decay
times i’ve had, good and bad
win or lose, this is what I choose…

Ascolta The Years Of Decay - Overkill