Denis Leary

The Downtrodden Song

Denis Leary

Altre Canzoni cover

The Downtrodden Song testo

You know, we spend a lot of time in this show talking about death and disease and cancer and catastrophe and we do it because, well I think it’s fucking funny. We want to send you home now, with an upbeat number, with a dance number, with a song that’ll put a smile on your face and a nic warm feeling down here in the cockles.

Everything is horrible
Really really really terrible
I’m really depressed
I’m really downtrodden

The whole world is doomed
We’re all gonna die
25,672 people die every single minute
Seventeen hundred and fifty people just died

Aids Inflation
George Bush
Cancer of the face
Cancer of the colon
Cancer of the write
and John Denver on compact disc

Ascolta The Downtrodden Song - Denis Leary