Darlings (The)

Street Gang

Darlings (The)

Street Gang testo

Hear the call of the pack tonight
sworn in for the rest of your life
Broken bones and broken pride
since my world began
A vicious rouge twenty six years young
speak evil with a poison tongue
Feel the stain of the desolate ones
rush across the land

There’s no good in this I know
a spirit broken down now built up bold
This long dark road is all I’ve ever known
Like the warriors heart the drum beats on and on
This long dark road cuts through flesh and bone
I can’t change for the world
it’s all i know

The engines dead on this train we ride
that takes us out of the criminal life
Bad blood fills the street tonight
mass hysteria
The old hoodlum with his scars embraced
sings the song of his old street gang
Tells the story’s of the righteous and fake
and the warriors