Song Machine: Machine Bitez #1



Song Machine (2020)

Song Machine: Machine Bitez #1 testo

Who are all these people?

These are my friends, I’ve actually met these guys in Lidl in Shoreditch and we had a fight over the last stollen, I said, “Let’s just split the stollen”, and we started chatting about things and then he said “Um, um, I’m in this band called *spring*”. And I said “Um, I’m in a band and do you wanna come hang out and do a little bit of work with us?”. And he was like “Ye man, ye”, and that’s how it started really.

But I don’t know his background, no.

You, you know his foreground?

I know his foreground, it’s very clear, his foreground is very clear, background is a bit hazy.