David Garrett


David Garrett


Explosive (2015)

Serenity testo

When we find ourselves in changeable times,
Every day is one more mountain to climb.
When you feel adrift like leaves on a breeze,
Find the room in your heart called Serenity.

If you find you are ever losing yourself,
Your reflection appears to be somebody else.
When the love that you seek is just out of reach,
You will find it besides in Serenity.

When the best days of your life feel over too soon,
Look over the horizon, behind the crescent moon.
Out in the forever, beyond Jupiter and Mars,
There’s far more to the universe than the
Brightest, shining star.

All the restless and broken washed on the shore.
The ground on your feet, you’re alone no more.
You can rest assured, you will never be alone.

If in joy you will live, never bow down to hate.
Live in peace and health for it’s never too late.
Look within and be free from fear
And you’ll see that you’ll find your place
That’s when you’ll vow you’ll find a way to the sea,
To Serenity.

Ascolta Serenity - David Garrett