Ms. Dynamite

Self Destruct

Ms. Dynamite


Judgement Days (2005)

Self Destruct testo

Imma tell it how it is and make no
Black people, we our own worst enemy
Jealousy, envy, so many frenamies
Still got that house-nigga, field-nigga mentality
We don’t wanna see us rise to the top
Smiling when we see a brother striving, then he drops
Instead of helping him to succeed, get all that he can get
We hating, contemplating, taking his jewels and his whip
Shit you there paper-chasing, thinking it’ll end your stress
Cant buy self esteem, love not selflessness
You can drive a million miles, in your Bentley like a star
You can fly across the globe, but cant escape who you are
And all this bragging and this boasting about the paper that you stack
Cant achieve as a people unless back give back
Think it aint your problem turn your back you hypocrite
As long as poverty exists there’ll be robbery of the rich
Shit now listen…

This negativity got me ready to explode
Its like were on animosity overload
Were hustling the same hustle, down the same road
But were on self-destructive mode
Until we have unity we cant grow
If we could let go and let the love flow
We struggling the same struggle, down the same road
But were on self-destructive mode

Assasin’s Verse:
We still living in division applied when we were slaves
Our ancestors are probably turning in their graves
To see a brother, see another and just shoot him down
Never did him no wrong he just form the other side of town
And its foolish and senseless, I cant comprehend
Sisters when we see our sisters why we face just a bend
And we don’t show love
We don’t pay no compliments
We show hostility and cause enough commotion
Shit now listen…

Repeat Chorus

Assasin’s Verse:
We aint fighting racism
Or the injustice were shown
We fighting in our homes
And busy destroying our own
Complaining about the white man
And the way he make us live
But plenty of us, in the street, selling crack to our kids
And its so crazy and its ridiculous
Take a look at what were doing
Ignorance aint bliss
Were so played by fear and insecurity
That we destroying and exploiting our community

Repeat Chorus Twice

Ascolta Self Destruct - Ms. Dynamite