Fanali Di Scorta

Sammer Deiz

Fanali Di Scorta


Gli Altri Tiz (2003)

Gli Altri Tiz cover

Sammer Deiz testo

I’ ve decided to fly away
from all that was
my dipendence on you!
Only for three months
you’ ve to give me freedom:
give me freedom!
I don’t wanna judge
your isterical fanatism…

Rit.: But you know… they’ re coming summer days!
But you know? They’ re coming summer days!

No, I got no money
and I got no woman:
you’ re my lovely one!
But I can’t stand forever
next to you baby
over this sunny sand;
‘cause now it’s time
to loose your funny
vision of me,
‘cause maybe you know
not what I need…

Rit.: When they’ re coming summer days!
When they’ re coming (hear them coming?) summer days!