Edwin McCain

Rhythm Of Life

Edwin McCain

Altre Canzoni cover

Rhythm Of Life testo

The Rhythm of LifeHeaven withstanding and smiling we’re all swept awayThe Rhythm of LifeIs not so demanding as some caught in narrows would sayFragile as ships as we pass through GibraltarThe sirens have long given wayDark as the murky graveyard of sailorsWhispering secrets told in the crashing wavesThe Beating of HeartsSet walls to trembling the power of silence persuadesThe Stumbling FeetStagger predestined we all end up wild eyed and crazedAnd from the madness most jaded of visionReflections of horror invadeRunning and falling relinquish your venomThe antidote surely will cause your affliction to fadeHow little we know of what we are blessed withOur shimmering island it turnsHow little we look at what we see clearlyOf tragedy’s lessons not learnedSleeping through classes we’ll make it up laterThere’s still so much time left to goMISGUIDED ROSES we bloom in OctoberEmerging triumphant in time for the season’s first snow

Ascolta Rhythm Of Life - Edwin McCain