Mooney Suzuki (The)

New York Girls

Mooney Suzuki (The)


Alive & Amplified (2004)

New York Girls testo

Hey Elly May in LA, CA
Well ya look so good in your LA way
But ya miss that somethin’ what can I say
Only New York ladies make me ache that way

Ooh Julie from gay Paris
Let’s get together then I’m headed back to NYC
Back to 13th St and Ave B
And the New York lady waitin’ there for me

Oh Toko home in Tokyo
I love to turn you on – now I got to go
Back to the Big City that’s the home I know
And back to the girl there that I love so

New York Girls
Been all around this whole wide world
Ne York Girls
And I have to get back to my New York girl

Miss Bridget Brown in London Town
I love to get to know you and I like to get down
Now I have to get goin’ and I can’t hang around
Headed homeward bound where my favorite is found

Damn, Roxanne in Amsterdam
Turn off ya red light – I can’t be your man
Yeah ya sure am friendly but let’s just be friends
I have to grab a cab back to Manhatten again

On the continents far across the sea
So many girls so far from me
Well you can pack your bags and just come with me
All you girls from Rome to St Louis
You could move to this city then you all could be

New York Girls

Ascolta New York Girls - Mooney Suzuki (The)