Machine Bitez #6



Song Machine Episode 3 (2020)

Machine Bitez #6 testo

Feeling better now Murdoc? I haven’t heard you crying for a few hours.

My tear ducts dried up years ago. I watched The Notebook last night (Oh yeah), dry as the Gobi Desert. Oh, man! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! This is eyeball sweat, eh? I told you about that in 2007.
Thank you very much for your concern. And this…

So, so, so, so you’re not all cut up about missing the trip, by the portal?

You’re not sad that we went and you didn’t, are you? We just–

Portal-shmortal, who gives a ****

Yeah so, you know, in case I ever need to find one for future reference, I don’t, at the moment, but if I do, where are they?

Uh, well you got your–You got your south portal (Yeah, yeah), right portal…

And you know where they are, do you?

Janet Street portal…

Listen, keep your portal, I’m fine! Bye!