Jack Savoretti

Lullaby Loving

Jack Savoretti


Sleep No More (2016)

Lullaby Loving testo

Blades on my tongue, hearts on my sleeve,
Leave you with nothing left here to plead
Send you my letters, sing you my songs
Lullaby loving leading you on

Kiss like a petal, prick like a thorn,
Out of your beauty a child is born
Keep her from thunder, away from the storm
Sail through uncertainty back to the shore

Don’t give up on our love (x8)

Darkness surrenders, daylight takes hold
Time the pretender turns black to gold
To the sound of our laughter, to the taste of our tears,
Taken for granted over the years.

Don’t give up on our love .

Ascolta Lullaby Loving - Jack Savoretti