Lil Peep

Lose My Mind

Lil Peep

Lose My Mind testo

I’m about to give her everything she ever wanted and more
What I deliver it’s something that can’t be bought at the store
I’m tryna bring you with me, baby, while I’m finding myself
That feeling when you kiss me tells me I don’t need no one else

I had to lose my mind a couple times to find out it’s you
I had to run around the world, girl, just to be here, it’s true
These other women don’t got nothing on the way that she moves
Let’s pick up right where we left off last night, inside of my room

When the time comes
I’ll be right here
Sippin’ liquor with a grin on my face for you
I got nothing left to keep me awake
I don’t got no better thing to do than sit here and wait
For you