Lonely (Disney Radio Edit)


Lonely (Disney Radio Edit) testo

Keep growin’ [x4]

It’s like we more like brothers than nephew and uncle,
Comin’ up at times seem survival is like a jungle,
Understanding takes time, some lessons we gotta go through.
I remember when we was young and the price tag on those days and nights
Can’t be measured or bought,
Sometimes I wish we could bring ‘em back.
Sundays at church, comin’ home from work,
Kept it on the low you lent me two dollars for them burritos,
Headed out to the bay to focus on dreams,
Sometimes I feel I shoulda been there for guidance,
But I was learnin’ what it means to be a man, still am,
And every time I think I figured it out the universe expands.
We was supposed to bring you out on the road,
When dough got ripe,
We ain’t even had a chance to chill, it’s just not right, man.
I guess the street life had other plans, but I’m gonna see you in a minute doe.
Sincerely, Uncle Tim, Gift of Gab, Supreme Lyrical.

[Chorus: x3]
Ya gotta keep growin’,

There’s a purpose underneath it all, divine plan a scheme of all,
Then do what you got in it, growin’ learnin’, find your proper callin,
Stay strong and take in all the knowledge that you can,
Stay healthy and keep in touch, I get them letters flowin’ fam.
Dis ain’t goodbye, all it is is just a test to make you stronger.
Be a soldier, from here we only move forward,
Upward, onward, and over the hump,
And yo, I know that it’s a lot o’ years,
But it’s a whole lot of precious life left for you to live.
God dwells within, find Him inside, free you soul,
No matter what they’ll never lock up your mind,
So let your thoughts flow, free,
And be the best you can be, learn from your mistakes,
You got a destiny, man, your life’s purpose is to take it there.
Recipe, expand your mind, read and work out, get your plans together and focus,
The day you come out, we all gonna party like it’s two-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine.
But I’m gonna see you in a minute doe.
Sincerely, Uncle Tim, Gift of Gab, Supreme Lyrical.

[Chorus x4]

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