Chelonis R. Jones

I Don’t Know

Chelonis R. Jones

Altre Canzoni cover

I Don’t Know testo

i never thought i’d get to this point in my life
emotions wrung like a towel -vows mangled and knifed
…it’s not the point that you’re leaving
…or that you’ve found somebody new

-it’s when i asked if our love was gone
you stuttered with a glare, saying…

i don’t know
i don’t know if love will somehow return
i don’t know
if you walk out that door, the passion would burn
i don’t know

…and as the train plowed through the rain
you fell to your knees and you cried
…but YOU were the one with a change of heart
-didn’t matter how hard i tried

i would’ ve DIED for this love -now i got to be strong
it killed me when you said: you felt is was right


Ascolta I Don’t Know - Chelonis R. Jones