Altre Canzoni cover

Gossip testo

So whats the news, whats your story to tell, of chicks and boo’s with drugs and hotels. Crazy nights spent cruising the shows behind the clubs is where they all go. with tight blue jeans and crazy long hair some even have there make-up to wear. well truth be told you were really at home where you wrote a story alone.
You said you knew it was true. please get me a room.
I know i’m not always right please be gentle tonight.
So as you Strap me in tight, make accusations all night remember one thing thats true. I’m God loving towards you.

So formulate ideas, but please extract me. Hypothesis show us all of your theories. So whats the news whats your story to tell, you post a blog about them burning in hell. You watch so closely tell me how do you see? the true story for someone called “scene”.

(chorus again)
So please just operate on me, Cut me open and let loose slowly, Dig in but don’t get hungry, Dont loose your appetite

Ascolta Gossip - Desole