Ghost Of The Robot

Good Night Sweet Girl

Ghost Of The Robot


Mad Brilliant (2003)

Good Night Sweet Girl testo

Are we done for now,
Or is this for good,
Will there be something in time?
With us there should.

Only girl for me is you
There can be no other one
If I didn’t have faith
I would come undone

So much promise in your eyes
Seems that I can only see
It always makes me wonder
If you save it all for me

Maybe you do
Maybe you don’t
Maybe you should
Probably wont…

Because there will be…

There will be other guys
Who will whisper in your ear
Say they’ll take away you sadness
And your fears

They may be kind and true
They may be good for you
But they’ll never care for you
More than I do

I’ll be always there
There to the end
I can’t do much
But be your one true friend

To the end
Through the end
Our lives to spend
With each other till the end
Of time…

Still see the promise in your eyes
And still wonder if it’s for me
But i know it’s still there
Even when you sleep

So I say, good night sweet girl

Ascolta Good Night Sweet Girl - Ghost Of The Robot