Philadelphia Freeway (2003)

Free testo

Okay, I see where y’all goin
Okay, aight dude, you want me to fuck with that Free shit? Okay..
Yeah, I got you blazed…holla!
Uh! Yeah!
Nigga, the name is strong, it can mean ten things in one
This dedicated to my niggas that grind from ten to ten
In other words all day duck the cops cuz they wanna be free
Man, them gates is strong and when that nigga locked down and he can’t get out
And he lose a couple pounds and his skin get pale
And he’s sittin in his cell til his patience gone, you know
Freeway be feelin your pain, I got twelve homies doin the same
And if they had bail, homey, they’d be out
But they don’t so they sittin for a minute
That’s the price of the game when you in it
Your freedom get strippin away
These niggas came through my hood with the nines
My man Black hit they wheel with the K, spun it around
Same day cops book em guess who send kites to em, nigga?
Free! That’s right, Holdin em down nigga, the clique tight
Homer and Joe we get it down, open your mail
Read your letters, see a couple flicks of ya boyzie boyzies
Nigga, Freeway like Georgie Porgie, puddin pie kiss the girl
Fuck kiss, get orgies
One clip’ll rock ya world, nigga calm ya bore beef
Shootin out with Free you gon’ need a four leaf
But Freeway ain’t all about the drama
I seen bullets come up out the lamas and go into melons
And leave niggas killas leakin like Aunt Jemima
Fuck what ya man think that nigga gone but he ain’t Free
Gimme the kees, y’all niggas is bitchin
Package it up, I’m out with the breeze
In and out of lanes until I get where I’m goin
That’s how I got my name, mane, series and my man ain’t free
You can get shot in your face
Not payin attention, lunchin, gripped by the deez
Gotta be on point movin ya work by them benches
That’s how I got my change, fam
Ain’t a damn thang free in this world but your boy got a mean plan
To get my team out the ghetto with my boys in stilettos til we rich man
I’mma play Joe Clark when it’s hardly norm
Free! Whether the coupe on F or coupe on E
I can get ya chick on E
See through her dress, get the address
Give her the F, pass her to E
They say the best things in life are free, but I can’t tell
I gotta pay for all the food that I take in
And gotta pay for all the chronic that I inhale
That’s why I stick with my team, nigga, stick with my men
Y’all dudes freelance, play for any team
Don’t stand for nothin then you fall for anything
Turn on your voice soon as you get any cheers
But it’s cool, beat downs with bats and spiked chains are free
Gettin played and haters screamin my name ain’t me
Gettin paid and changin the game is me
That’s why I keep a gatt in the tuck
That rip through ya bean, y’all niggas mad cuz y’all ain’t Free
Look, I focus and aim, listen to bull
One verse can fuck up the game
Kick in a door, icier chain
Clean up ya kids, hook up ya bulls but gotta work hard cuz it ain’t free
Used to get work hard couldn’t cook soft
My homey remain anonymous, looked up to D
And you guessed it we worked up the soft, tripled the reef
But the game’s sold not told, it ain’t free

Ascolta Free - Freeway