A Hero A Fake


A Hero A Fake


Let Oceans Lie (2010)

Eckhart testo

On top of the world and it’s not ok.
A failure of the highest degree.
Hundreds of miles of separation,
and it’s not ok, and I’m not ok.

In the end time kills us all,
looking to the end we miss out on the now,
we miss out on right now.

Nunca seran contento.
Until we realize.

I am absent, taken away by my thoughts.
Trapped in my own mind, the world spins out of control.
I cannot calm the seas, I cannot light the sun.
I can’t calm the seas, I can’t light the sun.

The conceived universe has died,
in front of our eyes, in front of our eyes.
This human conditions is nothing less than suffering,
is nothing less than suffering.

The beauty of this world is one in the same.
It is what I am, dissolve the barriers of your minds.
This life is suffering, we can’t fall in the trap.
This life is suffering, we can’t fall in the trap

Ascolta Eckhart - A Hero A Fake