Babe Ruth

Doctor Love

Babe Ruth

Altre Canzoni cover

Doctor Love testo

Better watch out
He’s a mean one
I s he gay
Ain’t he just
He’s in between one
He’s turnin’ up mah life
Makin me real shy
If he told you some of the Things he tried Mama
It’d make you shudder a might I wanna tell you now
Oh, oh you’re Doctor Love.

In his time
lie been a dancer
With the chicks
Ile found the answer
Ile prances with the guys

He’ll give each one the eye Doncha ever turn your hack
On the Doc you big
Cos you sure in for a big surprise
You wanna hear about

Oh you’re Doctor Love
Oh you’re Doctor Love mm Doctor Yeah you’re Doctor Love
Mmm you’re Doctor Love, oh Doctor

Listen now honey
Don’t you want mah seed
I’d just as sooner
Have some weed

Ascolta Doctor Love - Babe Ruth