Amelia’S Jacket

Deceit Was Shown

Amelia’S Jacket

Altre Canzoni cover

Deceit Was Shown testo

Verse 1
You say you miss the times we spent together
I say life is better off without you
You covered yourself in unhealthy insecurities
And blocked the rest of the worlds happiness
With a kiss to her forehead
Time stopped the room spun fast
That was the last time I saw you my friend

My heart is safe
You cant break it now
It longs for someone more
You can never break my heart again

Verse 2
Your eyes told me you loved me
Your deceit was shown when you took her hand
How can you move on knowing you lied to me
This special bond meant nothing to you
Afraid to take a risk
Why live your life with regrets
Youll disappoint you and the ones you love