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Celebrate Your Life

Dance Nation

Altre Canzoni cover

Celebrate Your Life testo

Celebrate (celebrate, celebrate, …) (fade to silence)

Everybody come together,
Time to make a brand new start,
Stop the violence and the anger,
Listen to your heart.

Got to build a new foundation,
Let your voice be heard,
Time to enjoy all the good life,
Together spread this words.

Celebrate your life! (x5)

You gotta celebrate your life,
A new day has come,
Together we are strong, we are one,
Celebrate your life!

Celebrate your life!

Everyone from every nation,
We all come from planet earth,
All together in creation,
It’s time for our rebirth.

Celebrate your life now,
in positivity
We’re all here just for a short while,
Enjoy it and be free.

Celebrate your life,

Celebrate your life! (x5)

You’ve got to celebrate (celebrate, celebrate, …) (fade to silence)!